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With BetHero it's easy to become a bookmaker and offer sportsbook in sportsbars, internet cafés and pubs!
Free Setup. No Franchise. More Profit.

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Sports Betting Odds

Sportsbook Made Easy

BetHero is online sportsbook software to start and manage a sports betting shop. Hassle-free and in no time.

  • Easy to use Turnkey Solution.

    We provide everything you need to be successful: Top pre-game and live betting odds for popular sports, online-based cash register, printable odds list, shop management tools, betting interface - all in one product.

  • Quick and Simple Setup.

    BetHero is completely browser-based. All you need to start is a computer, printer and internet connection. Your shop gets a unique internet domain (e.g., which can be accessed worldwide.

Grow Your Revenue

BetHero is the ideal solution for operators of sportsbars, pubs, internet cafés or kiosks. Offer your customers the excitement of sports betting and grow your revenue faster than ever.

  • No Franchise. More Profit.

    You don't need a costly franchise contract from a bookmaker company anymore - you are the bookmaker now!
    We don't charge setup or other hidden fees. Just try BetHero for free and cancel anytime - no money lost, no questions asked!

  • Run a Self-Service Betting Shop.

    Your shop customers can place their bets anytime at a computer and print their own betting tickets. They don't have to wait for a cashier to process their bets. And even when your shop is closed they can bet online visiting your unique shop domain.



BetHero provides all you need to get started.


Basketball, Football, Baseball, Horse Racing and more - popular sports with top odds for pre-match and live bets. Your customers will love it!


Handle and track all cash transactions like deposits and withdrawals easily with our online register. A costly cash register system isn't required anymore.


BetHero is super easy to use for you, your customers and your employees. Well structured and intuitive shop- and betting-interface.


See all wagers, transactions and your shops performance at a glance. Carry out all administrative tasks on one website. You can access your shop from any PC or mobile device.


Security and anonymity are very important to us. All data is securely stored abroad. Your customers have to register once with a fictitious nickname to place bets in your branch. Secure payment transactions by voucher in your shop.


BetHero is completely optimized for mobile use. It works on all popular devices and screen sizes. Your customers can place bets on the go - and you manage your shop from whereever you are.


Starting a betting shop has never been cheaper.
Free Trial. No setup fees. Cancel anytime.

Starter Plan

Only 399€ Per Month
  • Sports Betting Odds
  • Unique Shop Domain
  • High SSL Security
  • Optimized for Mobile
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • No Setup Fees
399€ Per Month


Your customers start betting in 3 simple steps.


First, your customer has to buy a prepaid voucher at the cashier in your shop paying cash. Vouchers will be generated automatically by BetHero and have a unique number.


Now the customer visits your shops' domain (e.g. via desktop PC or mobile device in your branch. He has to open an anonymous player account once. Using the voucher, your customer can top-up their credit – quickly and securely.


With credit in his account, the customer can now choose and place bets. The betting slip will be saved to his online account can be printed automatically using a printer in your shop. If he has won, you pay out the winnings in cash. If not, you keep the stake.

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